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FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation v19.44 Mod Apk (Full Version Unlocked)

Download FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation v19.44 Mod Apk (Full Version Unlocked) Requirement: Android 4.0.3+ Navigation Apps. Download more version of FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation for Android From AllApkApps

  • Apk Name: FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation
  • Version: 19.44
  • Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
  • Updated: Februry 10, 2017
  • File Size: 6.5MB


FLY is FUN – 30 days trial

FLY is FUN is a moving map for aviation and pilots providing ILS and GPS approach, VOR, NDB, DME, Marker beacons, RNAV navigation and Marker beacons warnings, without ILS/VOR/NDB/RNAV equipment on board.

“FLY is FUN” is a complete application, without any restriction, if used with “FLY is FUN Unlocker”.
Without “FLY is FUN Unlocker”, all functionalities are accessible for evaluation. This allows news user discovering them, but each 10 minutes, application need to be restarted.

FLY is FUN allows:
– Displaying route, bearing, trace on moving map;
– Visualizing airspace;
– Creating and modifying routes with “drag and drop”, “rubber band” , or with the database;
– Importing, exporting routes, waypoints, RWY (Garmin .gpx, .kml, txt);
– Performing route planning, evaluating distance, time and fuel consumption (depending on wind and aircraft characteristics);
– Recording the flight and playing it back with Google Earth;
– Calculating Sunset / Sunrise;
– Getting weather forecast along the route;
– Getting warnings, alarms and message before entering controlled or special use airspaces, approaching waypoints or specific points;
– Creating or importing airspace (Google Earth or Open air files);
– Getting dynamic terrain map (colors depending of elevation above ground level),
– Displaying more than 80 values

All main screens (4 portrait and 4 landscape screens) could easily be customized. Pilot can choose information he wish to get in each button:
– Altitude GPS or barometric, over see, over ground, correction;
– Ground speed;
– Bearing;
– Vertical speed;
– Distance to point , distance to destination;
– Estimated time to next point, estimated time to destination;
– Time since departure;
– Stop watch;

Information displayed could be customized too depending of users preferences (VFR, IFR, IFR and VFR) and of zoom level. The more you zoom IN, the more detail, information, waypoints,.. you see

The integrated logbook, allows recording:
– Duration since departure time
– Departure and arrival time
– Departure and arrival airport
– Flight track (it is possible to export it as .kml or .gpx and to replay it)
– Used aircraft
– Pilot(s) and copilots in charge
– Distance, average speed, maximum speed

Pilots could select the most appropriate charts: free open source charts as well as commercial charts as ICAO, Cartabossy, SkyVector… even FAA sectional and terminal charts…
Free charts could be imported directly via the application store. Other charts could be created and imported by the pilot itself or made on request available as commercial service.

VACs and PDF files
User can easily attached PDF files to airport or ULM fields, and consult them during the fly.

Usage of external GPS connected via Bluetooth is possible

The free World navigation and airspace database is updated following AIRAC cycle.

User guide: http://funair.cz/forum/viewforum.php?f=11

If you have any suggestion to improve this application or you find some bug please visit www.flyisfun.com

Use this application for VFR FLYING ONLY!!! We are not responsible for any use of this application.

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What’s New

– Added ETA to NAV1, NAV2 minutes and seconds
– Possible set terrain transparency and shade for terrain at map screen
– Updated Czech, German, French, Italian and Spanish version. Many Thanks to Juergen, Antoine, Marco and Rolando
– Removed some bugs


Mod Info:
  • Unlimited Version Unlocked
  • No Unlocker Key Needed
  • Trial Limitation Removed

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