Wind, waves & weather for kite & windsurfers, surfers, sailors and paragliders

  • forecasts for 40000+ spots
  • observations from 18000+ weather stations
  • configurable favorites, measuring units
  • widgets for your home screen
  • forecast maps to get a better picture of the general weather situation
    „Windfinder“ is free, with ads. „Windfinder Pro“ is not free, without ads and with Superforecast (hourly time steps, available in Europe, North America and Egypt), with widgets and global wind forecast maps.
    What’s New
    We updated our search workflow to make it much easier to find the location you are interested in.
    We also made some small design improvements and bugfixes especially due to caching forecast data.


  • Windfinder Pro - weather & wind forecast Screenshot
  • Windfinder Pro - weather & wind forecast Screenshot


Windfinder Pro v3.6.2 [Patched] / Mirror

Older Version

Windfinder Pro v3.5.0 [Patched] / Mirror

Windfinder Pro v3.4.4 [Patched] / Mirror